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Benefits of Yoga Ardha Bhekasana- Half Frog Pose

Benefits of Yoga Ardha Bhekasana- Half Frog Pose

If you liked the Lying Side Quad stretch, here is a face that will stretch the front of your thighs a little more intensely. He also focused on the shoulders and upper back. Since the full expression of this attitude involves bending the knees and is very challenging, let’s start with one knee at a time.

Sanskrit Name: Ardha Bhekasana
English Translation: Half Frog Pose

Steps :

  • Lie face down on your stomach.
  • Press your arms on the ground.
  • Now lift your torso and your head.
  • Bnd the right knee while moving the heel towards the right buttock. Move your right hand back and hold your foot. Your palms should press against the top of your foot. Your fingers shoul  point in the same direction as your toes.
  • Turn the elbow so that it is toward the ceiling.
  • Now press your foot towards your buttock – as far as possible and as comfortable as you can manage to be while doing this. If you feel any pain in your knee or hip while doing this, reduce the amount of weight you are putting on your foot.
  • Adjust the shoulders and keep them the same. Instead of leaning on your hand, you can use your forearm and elbow to support yourself.
  • Hold this position for about a minute or at least five deep breaths. Release your foot and then repeat the above steps with your left foot.

Benefit Of Ardha Bhekasana:

  • This posture is beneficial for the back as it strengthens the muscles of the back. It also helps improve posture.
  • It extends the hips and the quadriceps.
  • It is a very good posture to rejuvenate the knee joints as the psoas muscles and the quadriceps are stretched in this pose.
  • It improves digestion by stimulating the abdominal organs.
  • This posture extends the entire front and back of the body and strengthens joints and muscles throughout the body.
  • It extends the throat, chest and abdomen, groin, thighs and ankles.