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Salutations again and again at the holy feet of the great sages of the Himalayas, who are inspiring us in all full moon day’s meditation.We meditators are the most beautiful, fragrant, and fresh flowers of that garland. At this auspicious day let’s come together to make a nice garland to offer our gratitude at the Divine Feet of our Gurudeva Swami Rama.

How are we beautiful, fragrant and fresh? Our hearts are beautiful (Seeing the heart of a meditator people follow him.

That’s the beauty of heart), Our senses are fragrant (our senses do not indulge in worldly pleasure), we are fresh (mentally a meditator lives in present moment).

If the heart, mind, and senses are pure then the meditation will come easily. Meditation makes friendship with a sadhaka. Meditation also has a life. Without a meditator how can meditation live!!! Day by day through meditation we have to make ourselves fresh and loving to enjoy the highest freshness and love, that is Samadhi.

On full moon days we receive the cool moon light from the moon. During the day we receive hot sun light from the sun. We can say moon activates the universal parasympathetic nervous system; and, sun activates the universal sympathetic nervous system. Both sun and moon make a balance to the world. Only in one day, the on full moon, is the earth in balanced totally. Other days when there is no full moon a little unbalance happens. For that reason ancient rishis and texts advise us what to do on what days to balance ourselves.

All Ayurveda is based on this. Like the universal, in our bodies, we have a sun and a moon. The left nostril is the moon, the right is the sun. The left nostril activates parasympathetic nervous system and right nostril activates sympathetic nervous system to balance the body. Total balance happens when both nostrils flow equally. That’s the auspicious time for meditation, and other spiritual practices. At that moment not much effort is needed go deeper and deeper in meditation. This is the real full moon time for a meditator.

For an intense sadhaka, the full moon does not come just once a month, but all the moments can be auspicious. Through nadi-sodhanam a sadhaka reaches that balance point. Do you understand what I am talking about? It is about awakening susumna. After balancing when susumna awakens the shakti(energy)goes upward to sahashrara (seventh chakra ). In tantra sastra (the text of tantra) the dormant energy is called shakti or kundalini. Before awakened Kundalini lies in muladhara like a coiled serpent. You might have seen the Murti (picture) of ardhanariswara. (Where in right part there is Shiva, and in left part his wife shakti). It shows the total science of kundalini yoga. When Shakti meets with Shiva, means when the energy reaches to sahasrara that is the moment of Moksha(liberation) or self realization.

We have already understood how in all 24 hours; the full moon day vibrates the whole world. On that day nature itself is awakened. Our body is also a part of nature. So it effects to our body and mind. So it is a most important day for a sadhaka (seeker). In this day Guru himself divert his spiritual energy with mantra shakti into a shisya (disciple). On other days, except on the full moon day, preparation is needed. The guru prepares the disciple or disciple prepares himself.

Sunday is a holiday. Only on that day you are free to take your family to the market. You fulfill the wishes. But other 6 days, if something is needed for your family, then you take leave. For that you need permission. You have to ask the officer. Like that Full moon day, this is a holiday of God. He is free for us (smile).

The full moon day is the gate way of the palace of the almighty Lord. Only once in a month the door is opened. There is freedom to go in and out. On other days permission is needed.

The most essential part of the full moon meditation is the Guru. When a yogi-guru sits with his disciples, no matter where he is, on that time meditation gets a new color which is indescribable. His presence itself is an achievement, which brings divine glory. Let’s meditate together on the full moon day to merge in the glory and grace which is colored by the eternal colors of our great, grand Master Swami Rama. As the devotee grows in humility and surrenders his entire ego, this is his real solace and reality.

May Guru and God bless you and lead your life.


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