Teaching-Methodology at Vinyasa yoga academy

Teaching Methodology

While it is true that teachers are born and not made, proper knowledge of teaching skills and methodology help to support the role of the trained teacher so that lessons are understood effectively. We believe strongly in the idea that yoga teachers have a a very important and delicate role towards their students which is extremely unique to that of teachers in standard exercise classes and because of this our teaching methodology explore a the intricate skills required for sharing the yoga experience.

A great and leader in the research and education of yoga once said “A teacher should have a motherly love for his students. One cannot win over students either through creating a personal awe and fear or through creating and aura of one’s knowledge and scholarly panache. Students should be treated with affection and be encouraged. Give some more time to students even after the usual school hours. They should see to it the subject matter being taught is thoroughly understood by each student.”