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Ayurveda Course's

Services Days Price
Ayurvedic Course on
3 Days 7000-INR
Ayurvedic Course on
Abhyangam + Shirodhara+Nasyam
7 Days 15000-INR
Ayurvedic Course on
Abhyangam + Shirodhara+Nasyam +Powder Massage
10 Days 20000-INR
Ayurvedic Course on
Abhyangam + Shirodhara+Nasyam + Netra Tarpan + Potali Massage + Udwathnam
15 Days 25000-INR

Medical Consultations

Ayurveda Consultaion

[Pulse Diagnosis,Constitution(Prakrati)Examination,Diet & Life Style Advices,Treatment for Specific aliments,Therapy advice]..................[1000/INR]

Normal Medical Consultation

[Treatment for Acute Problems]................[200/INR]

Emergency (Doctor on Call)

[Medicine Included]
Timing :- (After-8.00Am) & (Before-10.00Pm).............[500/INR]



This is traditional indian ayurvadic massage is nourishing pacifies doshas , relieves fatigue, provides stamina and perfect sleep , enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, promotes longevity and nourishes all parts of the body.
45 Min/Rs. 1200


An ancient therapy that feature the steady streaming of warm , fragrant oil on the third eye on your forehead , followed by a scalp massage . It leaves you relaxed and vitalized . The aim is to harness the flow of energy around your body.
45 Min//1000


A medicated herbal powder is massaged all over the body in a specific way . This ancient therapy is considered very good in reducing over weight and controlling cholesterol of the body.
60 Min-1500

Bundle Massage

Herbal poultices (bundless) are prepared with various herbs and medicated leaves. The poultices are warmed in medicated oil and used to massage the entire body. The massage promotes better circulation thereby promoting increased perspiration ,which helps the skin to eliminate wastes. It also helps to tone the skin and enhances relaxation.
60 Min-Rs.1500

Sea Salt

This rich marine salt contains all the essential minerals from the dead sea and it further enriched with organic essential basil oil . The therapy begins with rubbing the salt onto the skin and exfoliating with specific techniques . This is extremely beneficial for those who aim to lose weight.
60 Min-Rs.1200

Thai Massage

This deep tissue thai massage as the name suggests is a rejuvenating massage for your tired skin and muscles to trigger your nervous system, improves circulation and elevate your inner self. This is recommended massage for instant rejuvenation from jet lag.
60 Min-Rs.1600

Swedish Massage

Helps to increase blood and lymphatic flow and promotes a sense of well being . This treatment is ideal for relaxation and can help muscle lone and improve skin texture.
60 Min-Rs.1200


The perfect blend of soothing essential oil and the rhythematic firm movements of the massage will leave your mind , body and soul in a perfect union .
60 Min-Rs.1200

Back Massage

Ideal for neck and shoulder tension. This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage followed by relaxing scalp massage.
30 Min-Rs.800

Angel Healing Therapies

Soul Contract Healing

Past Life Healing

All Kind of Diseases healing
(Neutral, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual)

Past Life Regration

Behaviour Pattern


Root cause of the problems prevailing in current situtaion

Clinical Hypnosis

Auto Hypnosis


Taro and Orical Reading

Unicorn Reiki

Wide Dragon Reiki

Services Time Price
Ayurvadic Massages
Abhyangam 45-Min 1200-INR
Shirodhara 45-Min 1000-INR
Bundle(Potali) 60-Min 1500-INR
Udwartanam(Powder) 60-Min 1500-INR
Marma(Full Body) 75-Min 2500-INR
Ayurvedic Cream Massage 60-Min 1600-INR
Takradhara 45-Min 1800-INR
Netra tarpana 30-Min 800-INR
Janu basti 30-Min 800-INR
Greeva basti 30-Min 800-INR
Western Massages
Aromatherapy 60-Min 1200-INR
Swedish 60-Min 1200-INR
Deep Tissue 60-Min 1500-INR
Thai Massage 60-Min 1600-INR
Sun Burn Massage 60-Min 1600-INR
Short Massages
Head Massage 30-Min 600-INR
Reflexology 30-Min 600-INR
Back Massage 30-Min 800-INR
Nasyam 30-Min 600-INR
Face Massage 30-Min 700-INR
Body Massages
Sea Salt 60-Min 1200-INR
Aroma Scrub 60-Min 1500-INR
Coconut Scrub 60-Min 1500-INR
Fruit Scrub 60-Min 1600-INR
Wine Scrub 60-Min 2200-INR
Beauty Therapies
Ayurvedic Facial 60-Min 1200-INR
Fruit Facial 45-Min 1000-INR
Oxygen Facial 60-Min 1500-INR
Anti-Aging Facial 60-Min 1500-INR
Sunburn Facial 60-Min 2500-INR
Makeup 30/60-Min 600/1000-INR

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