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Benefits Of Om Mantra

Benefits Of Om Mantra

Benefits Of Om Mantra

OM symbolizes the profound realities: OM Mantra itself is not a mere human invention, accompanying cultures or groups. Rather, the Mantra OM (or AUM Mantra) is a symbol of deeper realities that already exist. For example, the quality of the deep vibration is experienced definitively by the mystic traveler, whether or not they have never heard the mantra of OM as such. The levels of crude (A), subtle (U) and causal (M), and the states of awakening (A), dream (U) and deep sleep (M) are definitely there, regardless of symbolism captured in the Mantra when It indicated as AUM Mantra. It is these realities that are most useful in our spiritual practices. (See article AUM and 7 levels of consciousness)


Make the richest experience: If the mantra Om is repeated only by feeling, no sense of direction at all, the experience can be quite pleasant, soothing and balancing. However, if one has a sense of the deeper meanings of mantra, and different methods of use, then the experience can be even richer and revealing as one progresses in yoga meditation.


Practice one of the seven: Here are seven meanings and methods of using the mantra. By experimenting with the various methods, one can come to feel more personally in tune. It might be better to practice only one of the seven methods of OM mantra for a while. Gradually, the other meanings come, as all merge into a unified experience.

Integrating ideas: Use of this mantra can be profound. At first, it is best to use the mantra gently and for short periods of time.

Om Mantra: For practicing ‘Om Mantra’, take a position in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Close your eyes and bring both the hands in Gyan Mudra and touch the tip of thumb with the tip of index finger. Back and the neck should be straight. Keep all the muscles of the body relaxed. Body should be in a still position. Take deep breath and without giving a pause, say ‘Om’. Concentrate on pronouncing ‘Om’. First, practice it for five minutes and then increase it from 20 minutes.

Benefits: The practice cures high blood pressure, tension, migraine, constipation, gastric problems, indigestion, heart (attack) ailments etc. By practicing ‘Om Mantra’, the problem of stammering is also cured. The chanting of ‘Om Mantra’ improves the internal brightness. Om is the highest name for almighty God and by chanting it; we will remember Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. By this, we try to receive their blessings and start living in the present.