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Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh from Eminent Yoga Gurus

Rishikesh is not only considered as the yoga capital of India but also of the entire world. At the same time the place is also one of the leading exporters of yoga teachers. The teachers trained in schools imparting yoga teacher training in Rishikesh proceed and server in various countries in South East Asia as well as China. The demands for yoga in these areas are considerably higher and one can understand the craze from the fact that presently over 1500 yoga teachers from India and trained in Rishikesh and Haridwar are teaching yoga in China alone.DSC00006

One of the reasons for Rishikesh prominently featuring in the world atlas of yoga teacher training is that it has got some of the best gurus who impart yoga training to the disciples in various institutes. Especially yoga gurus in Rishikesh providing training in vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga are more in demand as these are the most sought after streams of yoga learning in the world.DSC00029

Eminent yoga gurus in Rishikesh learnt the asanas and different postures of yoga from their teachers in academies and Ashrams. An example is the most beautiful yogi in China teaching yoga, Ashish Bahuguna who is there over a decade by now. However there is no earth of learned and eminent yoga gurus in Rishikesh and they have the capability of teaching and guiding their students through the process of yoga learning to its logical conclusion. Trained people can become yoga teachers on their own and can pursue a successful career as the proficient yoga teacher in the arena.DSC00015

One of the reasons why these gurus in Rishikesh are considered most suitable for imparting best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is that they have an excellent grip over the basics of the yoga science. Numbers of people practicing yoga have increased to over several millions all across the world and these gurus are the ideal mentors of the best of the teachers in yoga.

While some of the eminent yoga gurus in Rishikesh who earned name and fame have settled abroad there are still many who can impart high quality yoga training. Most of them are available in leading institutes of Yoga in Rishikesh and the task of the learner is to find the right one in the city.

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