200-Hrs Holistic Vinyasa Fusion Flow Yoga TTC (Yoga Therapy Based)

What is Holistic Vinyasa Fusion Flow Yoga

Yoga is one of the most natural healing system which heals the body, breath, mind and soul. Vinyasa fusion flow yoga at Vinyasa academy has a traditional touch of ancient yoga that gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn how to deepen the level of consciousness. We do not practice yoga only to be physically healthy, to sweat or to burnout the fat, our aim is to reach a balanced state of life when tension and stress are released.

The process of joining two things together into one is called fusion. That’s the essence of Yoga, to bring UNION. Non dualism is the achievement and the practitioner will experience the highest state of consciousness that all the great Masters of Himalayas have experienced in the caves. Sometime we call it De-Fusion Yoga because vinyasa fusion flow separates you from ignorance so yogis find the reality in themself. The flow motion of the asana with a healing touch expand the awareness which do not only work in the practice time but until you leave the body peacefully. Come and join and give a gift to yourself.

About the vinyasa flow Practice: Therapeutic vinyasa fusion flow sequence is specially design by the great Master Yogi Vishnu who has been practicing and teaching from the beginning of his life. The technique applies the correct breathing method during the flow with a great emphasis to balance both hemisphere of the brain and calming down the emotions and thoughts. Moon salutation plays an important role in the sequence because it has a great therapeutic value. The practices will be guided with an understanding of both physical and spiritual anatomy and proper adjustment and alignment. The 200-Hrs Vinyasa fusion yoga teacher training offer the best understanding in traditional Hatha Yoga asanas which means that you will go back home with a great knowledge.

What do you learn besides Vinyasa Yoga

Besides the Vinyasa yoga asana in 200-Hrs yoga teacher training in Rishikesh you will learn vinyasa flow breathing practices, Philosophy, active and passive meditation, yoga psychology, yoga lifestyle, yoga anatomy, mantra chanting, Kirtan and Bhajan.

Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga so in the Teacher training Course you will be able to learn basic Ayurveda and massage therapy and so on.

Why don-t you give yourself a chance to experience a fulfilled life through Yoga we are here to improve your wellness.

Who Should apply for the course:

Anyone who pursue the path of Yoga can join this course. All beginners, intermediate and advance level students can join the course. Our qualified teachers know how to guide the different levels of each student, for this reason we take only limited numbers of participants in the practical classes. Those who want to deepen the practices or those who want to be a qualified teacher are welcome. Those who are beginners we request only to study the basics for a better understanding. It is not always possible to check the level of each student before your arrival, that is the reason why we send an online package of yoga studies. That helps the teacher to manage the class in the best way.

Where will you Stay

Vinyasa Yoga Academy is the most reputed Vinyasa yoga School in India surrounded by a silent environment with 360 degree mountain view situated in the bank of Ganga(300 mt away). The world famous Ram jhula and Laxman jhula suspension bridges are about 400 meters from the school. The peaceful surrounding will help you to be aware of yourself and more focused on your study while you are here. There are 22 rooms with an incredible view of the Himalayan mountain, two yoga halls, one dining hall, one big terrace and a big rooftop. Beautiful sunrise and sunset brings a different feeling in the morning and evening practices. The local shops, cafes, restaurants and ATMs are downtown which is just 300 meters from the school. Your home in Rishikesh is away from the pollution and honking of the roads and at the same time very close to all your needs.

We have double and single rooms according to your preferences. There are AC and heater available according to the need of the student. All rooms contain private en suite toilet, hot shower, big balcony and mountain view. Rooms are confortable and we provide clean bed sheets, pillows, bath towels, toilet paper, blankets. Each room has a beautiful picture of Buddha to have a feeling of calmness. Free WIFI, laundry and filtered water are available in the ashram.

Holistic Vinyasa Fusion Flow CURRICULAM

Vinyasa Fusion Flow yoga Asana
Joints Movements-Pawanmuktasana series 1
Joints Movements-Pawanmuktasana series 2
Joints Movements-Pawanmuktasana series 3
Sun salutation (meditative and Vinyasa)
Moon salutation (meditative and Vinyasa)
Standing pose
Sitting pose
Kneeling pose
Forward bending asana
Backward bending asana
Twisting asana
Fire series asana
Triyak tadasana
Parivirtatrikon asana
Virbhdrasana 2
Virbhdrasana 3
Ardha Chandrasana
Adho mukha svanasana
Kati chakrasana Malasana
Baddha Konasana
Rajkapoot asana
Urdhva mukha svanasana
Setu Bhandasana
Supta Virasana
Ardha Matsyendrasana
Yoga Philsosophy
Yoga Tradition and History of yoga
The Classical Texts of Yoga Tradition
Yoga Sutra of Patanjali – Raja Yoga
Bhagavat Geeta – Lord Krishna
What is ashtanga yoga
Mind and its functions
Chakras and Kundalini in Yoga
Hinduism – a way of living not a religion
Mantra Chanting
Mantra What and Why
Origin of Mantras and The Vedas
4 kinds of Speech
Gayathri Mantra- om bhur
Shiva Mantra- om namah shivaya
Guru Mantra- Guru brahma
Healing Mantras- Maha mritunjaya
Yoga Therapy
Foundation of Yoga Therapy
Importance of Yoga therapy
Treatment of different kind of diseases through yoga therapy
Alternative medicine is the boon for health
Origin, history and development of Yoga Chikitsa
Yogic perspective of human existence
Health, disease and Four Fold Strategy of Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy and Amiable Disorders
Diagnostic Tools in Yoga Therapy
Yogic Diet
Shatkarma and their Therapeutic Benefits
Asana and their therapeutic application
Basic principles of Ayurveda
Ayurvedic perspective of Human Existence
Prakrati and its Analysis
Yoga Nidra relaxation
Sleep control through Yoga nidra
Mastering Death through Yoga nidra
Complete relaxation practice
Point to point Yoga Nidra
Definition of meditation
meditation Tradition
Meditation postures
breathing in meditation
Relaxation in meditation
How to concentrate In meditation
So-ham meditation
Om Meditation (Naada)
Mantra Meditation
Pranayama (Theraputic Vinyasa Breathing)
What is Prana and Pranayama
How Prana flow in the body
Types of major and sub prana
Pranayama and life span
Prana healing
Know how to breath correctly
Diphragmatic breathing and qualities of breath
Anatomy of pranayama
Kapal Bhati Pranayama Level I
Bhastrika Pranayama Level I
Bhramari Pranayama Level I
Sitli and Sitkari Pranayama without rentention
Yogic breathing Level I with sitting and supine position
Nadi sodhanam Pranayama 1 techniques

Mudras (Yogic Gesture)
What is Mudra and its necessity in yoga
Mudras- The energy Tranquilizer
Jnana Mudra
Chin mudra
Bhairava mudra
Vishnu/pranayama mudra
Alignment and adjustment of yoga poses
Understanding the balance and imbalance of the body
Alignment an art to be free from injuries in yoga
Helping the energy flow correctly in the nadis
Adjusting pose is a part of yoga therapy
Applying in all exercises
Bandhas (Energy Lock)
What is Energy blockages
Reasons of blocking the energy and chakras
Three majors energy blockages
Mula bandhas (Root lock) Level I
Uddiyana bandha (Abdominal lock) Level I
Jalandhar Bandha (Throat Lock) Level I
Maha Bandha ( Great Lock) Level I
Satkarma (Yoga Cleansing)
Jala neti (cleansing nostril through water)
Rubber neti (Cleansing nostrils through rubber cathedral
Gazing on flame
Yoga Anatomy
Understanding skeletal system for joints movements
Function of Muscular system in yoga
Respiratory system and Pranayama
Spiritual Anatomy
Posture anatomy
Contemplative walking
Contemplation on real Self- Shivoham
Teaching Methodology
Role of the teacher in the class
Sequencing the asana, pranayama and meditation
Tantra Practices
Understanding what Tantra truly is?
Tantra breathing to awake kundalini
Ayurvedic Massage
Assessments are based on:
Written Test
Oral Test
13th Jun – 30th Jun, 2018 1500 USD Graduate
13th Jul – 30th Jul, 2018 1500 USD Ongoing
13th Aug – 30th Aug, 2018 1500 USD Available
13th Sep – 30th Sep, 2018 1500 USD Available
13th Oct– 30th Oct, 2018 1500 USD Available
13th Nov– 30th Nov, 2018 1500 USD Available
13th Dec– 30th Dec, 2019 1500 USD Available
13th Jan – 30th Jan, 2019 1500 USD Available
Private Accommodation fee 250 USD Extra
Weekly Yoga & Detox Retreat

What included in your Course Fee

What is not included in the course fees ?

18 Days Shared Accommodation Private accommodation
Yoga material Air-conditioner
Daily nutritious meals, Tea
Free pick-up service from dehradun airport
One Free Ayurvedic massage
Nature excursions
Happy Yoga TTC Schedule

Daily Schedule for the Vinyasa worrier::

6:00 to 7:45 AM HATHA YOGA 2:45 to 3:45 Pm YOGA ANATOMY
9:15 to 10:00 Am BREAKFAST 5.00 – 6.30 PM VINYASA FUSHION FLOW
12:00 to 01:00 Pm YOGA PHILOSOPHY 7.30 PM DINNER
11:30 to 1:00 Pm SATSANG (SUN) 9:00 PM LIGHT OFF

All classes are mandatory only in case of an emergency or illness one can take leave with respected teacher permission. Uninformed leaves won’t be accepted and this will effect on student monthly performance.

  • A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the teaching of yoga demand a high degree of self-discipline and purity. To ensure the success of the programme, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, meditation sessions, lectures and asana classes. Meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with the school rules may be dismissed from the course.
Principles and Guidelines:
  • Vinyasa Yoga Academy is a Traditional Vinyasa Yoga School.
  • The Teaching starts from early in the morning. The time schedule of the practices change according to the seasons.
  • Respectful behavior is mandatory at all times on and off the premises.
  • To respect the rules and regulations Vinyasa Yoga Academy will not refund the fee of students after joining the course.
  • We must be informed in advance if the student is not going to come for a meal.
  • Before departure from Vinyasa Yoga Academy, students must return all the books from the library.
  • Non veg. food, smoking, and drinking alcohol are not allowed on the Vinyasa Yoga Academy premises.
General Rules
  • On the premises, modest dressing is mandatory.
  • Silence should be maintained after 8 pm.
  • Regular home work should be completed.
  • All classes are mandatory to attend.
  • As a part of the evaluation procedure there will be a final exam both theory and practical.
  • Vinyasa Yoga Academy reserves the right to disqualify any students at anytime during TTC for misconduct or breaking the rules..

For further information kindly click FAQ at headlines and find all answers for frequently asked questions

200-Hrs Holistic Vinyasa Fusion Flow Yoga TTC

200-Hrs Holistic Vinyasa Fusion Flow Yoga TTC

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