Sunday Funday

sunday Funday

Students will have Sundays to relax and rejuvenate after their heavy schedule throughout the week. We organise several activities for our students to participate in during their day off and all activities are included in the students fees. This is a great chance to spend time together outside of the classroom while getting to know Indian culture and landscape.

Vashistha Cave

An ancient face where great Sage Vashistha meditated. As per indy mythology, Sage Vashistha was a mamas putra of Lord Brahma and one of the seven great sages. Located 25km from Rishikesh in Badrinath road, Vashitha Cave is popular among visitors who come for deep meditation to Rishikesh. Vashistha Gufa has a Shivlinga in it and near the cave there is a Swami Purshottamanand Ashram which manages it.

Himaliyan Sunrise Tour

Kunjapuri temple is one of the must visit places of Tehri district not just because of its story related to gods and goddesses but also for the panoramic view of Garhwal Himalayan peaks like Swarga Rohini, Gangotri, Banderpunch and Chaukhamba to the north and Rishikesh, Haridwar and DoonValley to the south it provides to the visitors. The temple Kunjapuri is situated on the top of the hill Kunjapuri 1,676m. high, 7 km away from Narendra Nagar, around 15 km from Rishikesh and 93 km from Devaprayag blessing the passersby.

Local Sightseeing

Ashram visits are a favourite of our students in Rishikesh. The Beatles Ashram is one of the most popular sites we visit during our sightseeing adventure. Other ashrams include the Kriya Yoga Ashram and the Shivananda Ashram. These are considered spiritual labyrinths which are dedicated to the practice of yoga and made popular by their famous yogis who practiced there.


The Ganga with its many ghats, spiritual stupas, and riverside ashrams is one of the most unique places to experience white water rafting. Flowing through our ancient city, the holy waters of the Ganga allows participants a unique way to enjoy a bit of adrenalin fuelled adventure with the serenity of the sacred river.

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