Sometimes it’s fun to do something new and different during your yoga practice, especially when it has a variety of benefits. Whether you call it Wild Thing, Flipped Dog or Dancer’s Bridge, the pose called Camatkarasana is a great heart opener that stretches the thighs and hip flexors, as well as strengthens the shoulders and upper back. It can also help battle fatigue or beat mild depression.

Steps :

  1. You should begin this pose by performing the Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog).
  2. Slowly transfer your weight onto your right hand and onto the outer part of your right foot as if you are performing the Vasisthasana (Side plank pose).
  3. While breathing in, allow your hips to be lifted as if filled with buoyancy. Your right hand should stay strong with the fingers making a claw. The head of the bone of the right arm should be kept back. While breathing out, move your left foot back and place your toes on the ground with your knee slightly bent.
  4. Curl your upper back so that the shoulder blades make a sweeping action to the back part of the ribs.
  5. While breathing in, lift your hips higher till you are curled into a backbend and your right foot is stable on the ground.
  6. As you continue breathing, your head should be dropped back and your left arm extended from your heart expressing your freedom and power.
  7. Remain in this position for around 5 to 10 breaths and repeat the wild thing steps for the other side.


Wild Thing Pose is a fun and invigorating pose with many benefits:

  • Stretches the chest, shoulders and throat
  • Opens the hips and hip flexors
  • Stretches and strengthens the back
  • Energizes the body and mind

Benefit To Body Part :

  • The Camatkarasana opens up the shoulderss, lungs, and chest.
  • It also opens the hip flexors and the front of the legs.
  • It builds strength in the upper back and shoulders.
  • Along with the benefit to body parts it also helps improve the circulation of blood to the organs.
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