Leg Flexibility Sequence

Do you practice any sport that demands a lot of effort from your legs or do you simply want to improve flexibility in that region? This post is for you.

Having more flexible legs when doing some sports will not only help you avoid injuries, it will probably help you recover faster after training and will surely improve your performance.

For a runner, for example, expanding the range of motion in the legs can mean taking longer strides and improving the timing of their runs. For a martial artist, it can mean having more resistance to certain movements and being able to kick higher. Running, martial arts, soccer, gymnastics, basketball and countless other activities are just some of those that we could mention.

Whether you practice any of these activities or simply want to improve your flexibility, here is a sequence prepared by Vinyasa Yoga Academy , to achieve a greater range of motion. We tries to practice it regularly, staying a reasonable time in each of the positions and taking advantage of the breath to help you relax the muscles more deeply.

1. Stretching of the back of the legs

Stretching of the back of the legs

Spread your feet about a meter wide, make sure both feet are pointing to the same side and your hips are aligned. Raise your arms outstretched and as you exhale, bring your torso towards the leg in front (remember that upward movements are performed by inhaling and downward movements by exhaling). Bring your chest toward your thigh, your head toward your knee, and your hands toward the ground. Stay for a few moments and try to gradually move forward as far as you feel comfortable. Do the same for the opposite side.

2. Flexibility and pelvic opening

Flexibility and pelvic opening

From the previous position, bend the leg that is in front and place the back knee on the ground, try to gradually lower the hips, stretching the front part of the back leg and widening the movement of the legs. hips. Do the same for the opposite side.

3. Front leg stretch

Front leg stretch

To intensify the quadriceps stretch, grab the foot behind you with one hand and gradually bring the heel toward the gluteal muscles, further disengaging the front of the thigh. Remember to push yourself, but stay comfortable.

4. Adductor stretch

Adductor stretch

Keeping your knee on the ground, bring your foot back and extend your opposite leg out to the side. Bring your torso forward and rest your hands or elbows on the ground. Try to bring your hips closer to the ground and see that they remain aligned between the knee that is supported and the heel of the extended leg. At that point, take deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing the inner side of your legs with each exhalation.

5. Joint flexibility

Joint flexibility

Sit with your feet close to your hips, grasping your feet with both hands and keeping your spine extended, move your legs up and down repeatedly, increasing speed and range of motion. To finish, stop the movement and push your knees down with your elbows.

6. Joint flexibility and quadriceps

Joint flexibility and quadriceps

To end our sequence, sit between your heels and try to keep your knees together. Try to gradually lower your hips, helping yourself with your hands to go down slowly. If you feel comfortable, you can tilt your torso backwards to bring your back closer to the ground.

Credits: Vinyasa Yoga Academy

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