About Vinyasa Yoga Academy

About Vinyasa Yoga Academy

At VYA our goal is to provide Seekers with unique spiritual, religious, and mind/body experiences by applying our expertise in Vedanta philosophy, and yoga. We are a young, ambitious and modern-day ashram that differentiates itself from others by offering not just practices, but also understanding, context, meaning, and relevance of what we teach. The product we provide must also be the result you require, and when your program concludes, it is our hope that you leave with a full mystical comprehension of your practical experience.



Vinyasa literally means "connection" and Vinyasa yoga is the practice of breath-synchronized movements. The flow is composed of a series of yoga poses where the yogi moves with the power of breathing. Practicing Vinyasa allows students to feel as if they are dancing with an intent to enter the inner dimension of one's being.

Our academy guides students toward self empowerment and transformation while they deepen their own practice so they may learn the art of teaching others. The programs are well designed to support students as they reach inside themselves and share their unique qualities with the world. Understanding the history of the yoga traditions of the Himalayas will better establish the philosophy of one's own life and with this knowledge it is easier to meet all of life's challenges in the modern world. At VYA we believe that by providing a supportive community, a peaceful environment and expert knowledge and our well rounded curriculum along with fun getaways and adventures lay a foundation for learning the culture of India and the practice of yoga.


Emanating from our core knowledge of Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama exercises and intricate breathing techniques, our teachers provide trainings and courses that are customised to suit guest requirements. Our school offers private or group arrangements as well as structured retreats and classes. Aside from in-class instruction, our students are able to join us as we visit caves and temples, go rafting, or journey together on cultural tours. Along with the on-site education, our facility provides food and accommodation. You'll be provided a private room with all the basic amenities like attached bathroom, 24 hours water supply, hot water in the mornings & evenings etc. Students can choose to join our 100 hour TTC, 200 hour TTC, weekly Yoga Retreat, or a combination of TTC and retreats Affiliated with the highest organization,Yoga Alliance USA

Together we will dive into these topics:

  1. Yoga Practices: Vinyasa Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundalini Yoga
  2. Other Pratices: Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra,Satkarma
  3. Meditation Practices: Meditation, Contemplation, Yoga Nidra, Meditative dance
  4. Spiritual Practices: Kirtan, Chanting, Arati, Japa, Mantra Chanting
  5. Healing: Ayurveda, yoga therapy, naturopathy, Reiki, Massage
  6. Philosophy: Indian Philosophy, yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, business of Yoga,
  7. Teaching Methodology: Demonstration, Observation, finding your voice and Practice Teaching
  8. Activities: Sunday Tour

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