This is an arm balancing posture that incorporates the legs flexibility with core strength. When the lower body is raised from the mat, the pose strengthens the shoulders and wrists further.
The Firefly Pose in yoga gets its name because the position that you come into while performing the pose is similar to that of a flying firefly. This pose is one of the postures that need to be practiced consistently so as to perfect them. Unfortunately, the Tittibhasana or Firefly Pose is not taught regularly in the classes of Vinyasa. Ashtanga yoga is the exception, where this pose is part of the primary series, giving a good opportunity to perform this posture in every session. (Xanax) However, before taking up the Firefly Pose, it is important that you remember that it is considered an advanced posture. Therefore, if you do not have proper guidance or are not experienced enough, this posture should not be attempted. If your body is not prepared for the movements of this posture, you could risk an injury. However, if you are ready to practice this pose you should make sure to practice it regularly to experience the benefits. It is also essential that you maintain a proper diet to get the most out of this pose.

Benefits of Firefly Pose

Firefly Pose strengthens the wrists and arms and stretches the legs, inner groin, and back body. As with any arm balancing pose, Firefly improves overall balance and encourages playfulness and courage in your practice.

As the name indicates, you may also find that you come away from this pose sporting a healthy glow!

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