Chakras and the Channels of Energy

Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world. From the perineum in the pelvic area to the medulla oblongata, there  are six knots or centers. These are the six lower chakras located along the spinal column. Their job is the distribution of impulses.When you meditate on the spinal cord, do not visualise the chakras as located in the front; they are in our spinal  column. There is one main nadi, or channel of energy, called subhuman. Chakras, the spheres of energy positioned along this central channel, are each in motion.

Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed.When the Kundalini is awakened, these qualities start manifesting spontaneously and express themselves in our life. Thus, through regular meditation, we become automatically very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. It is a process which starts to develop by itself when the Kundalini rises and starts to nourish our chakras.

1-Muladhara Chakra-

The first chakra is located at the coccyx, the group of fused vertebrae at the base of the spine. The symbol of this chakra is a triangle facing downward. The triangle is inside a square, which represent the earth, or solid matter. The colour of the muladhara chakra is yellow. Its element is earth, and smell is its sense. It is said they whenever you meditate and have a sense of smell, it comes from the muladhara chakra.

muladhara chakra main aspect is the innocence. Innocence is the quality by which we experience pure, childlike joy, without the limitations of prejudice or conditionings. Innocence gives us dignity, balance, and a tremendous sense of direction and purpose in life. It is nothing but simplicity, purity and joy.

2-Svadhishthana Chakra-

This is the second chakra and it is in the shape of half moon. This chakra governs the sense of taste. The substance or the element is water.

This chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us.The pure knowledge given by this chakra is not mental, but it is direct perception of the Reality, that can be felt in our palms and indicates our subtle blockages. Also this is the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration.

On the physical level it looks after our liver, kidneys, and the lower abdomen. When we think too much, this center gets drained of energy and diseases like diabetes or blood cancer can occur when this chakra goes completely out of balance.

3- Mainpura chakra-

This is the third chakra located at the navel center. Its form is a triangle pointing upwards At the manicures chakra the sound is “ram” and the element is fire.

This chakra chakra is the one that gives us the sense of generosity, complete satisfaction and contentment.On the left side, the main quality of this center is peace – clearing this chakra can relieve stress and tensions.On the right side, it looks after our liver which is the organ of our attention and power of concentration.

4-Anahata Chakra-

This is the fourth chakra located in the centre of the chest. Its element is air, and it governs the sense of touch. the colour of the anahata chakra is a smokey colour, like smokry topaz. it is symbolised by two intersecting triangles, one pointed upward the other pointed downward. The sound of the heart center is “yam”.

This center helps us get rid of all our habits, laziness, gross attachments, and everything that enslaves us in a way or another: we become our own master.

5-Vishuddha chakra-

This is the fifth chakra located at the pit of the throat. It is associated with the creativity ans with the creative arts, such as dancing and music. Its sound is “ham”. Its element is space, symbolised by a circle . Its colour is blue. It governs the sense of hearing.

This is the chakra which gives us the connection with the whole, enabling us to feel our oneness and the fact that we are all part and parcel of the whole.

6-Ajna chakra-

This is the sixth chakra located at the space between the two eyebrows . Its colour is clear . Its element is the mind. It is beyond the gross element.

It is the one that dissolves all our ego, conditionings, habits, false ideas of racialism, and all our misidentifications. It is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center. Roving eyes, watching impure things, or self-centeredness damage this chakra. Watching the sky, earth or nature can help cleanse it.

7- Sahasrara chakra-

This is the seventh chakra located at the crown of the head. It is the whole universe and above and beyond that: life here and hereafter. It represent the state of cosmic consciousness. (Lorazepam) there is no colour element or senses associated with this chakra.This chakra gives us the direct, absolute perception of Reality on our central nervous system.

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