Yoga anatomy

Anatomy specific to yoga can be difficult to understand without some knowledge of what yoga is and what yoga aims to accomplish. Yoga anatomy examines the body structures that are used during specific yoga actions and why they are important to examine. By gaining comprehension of anatomy through yoga practices, students deepen their understanding of the manner in which the body functions in its daily movement and how to bring homeostasis back to the body through yoga therapy.

As an example, most people have a specific pose, sequence, or pose that is difficult or challenging during their yoga practice. When we study the structure and functioning of parts of the body used during these specific exercises we can examine the finite areas that disrupt our ability to accomplish our goals during practice. A person may struggle to achieve a full lotus position but after examination of their specific anatomy, we may discover that they must first create hip flexibility in order fully move their legs into position. The same could be discovered with someone attempting to do down dog but struggling with tight shoulder girdles…etc.